Halloween fun

Hello readers,

I would like to remind you that I do post chapters from some of my latest works in my section dedicated to short stories from yours truly. This is kind of narcissistic, but in all reality you guys are my test group. If it sounds like crap, tell me! I look forward to the feedback. Ω




Cranking it up to 11!!!!


Yesterday I posted the Ksenia Anske book review and interview. While the initial wave of views on my page was impressive, I believe it is time to crank this baby up to 11 (This is Spinal Tap reference)! If you know anyone who is even remotely interested in reading, writing, looking at people, visiting with people, or even breathes oxygen, they need to be glancing at my page. Let’s get this site hopping! And yes, it is okay to spam the crap out of your family just to get them here! As always, keep plugged in. I am thinking about conducting some of my interviews live via Skype, but that is a technological hurdle that might not be possible unless I have everyone here! Thanks, and pardon the crazy post. Ω



Hello Readers

As you have stumbled upon this site, I take it you are either a writer, interested in writing, or have some time to kill. If it is all three, then feel free to stay a while. If you want to get into the minds of today’s most interesting independent/published authors, head over to author interviews. If you are wondering what kind of content authors are writing these days, head on over to reviewed works. This site will be in a state of growth over the next few months, so pardon the dust. Ω